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Rapid Test Kits

These Antibody Fingerstick Tests Show Results in only about 5 Minutes are Now AVAILABLE.

Rapid Tests are going to be SUPER IMPORTANT and IN DEMAND to get the world back to normal. You can market these to doctors' offices and other health centers RIGHT NOW.

The timing is PERFECT

We have a Direct Source with kits available right now!

There is no cost to be able to market these test kits.

I'm making this available for everyone as the demand for these is going to be so high and testing is so important!

Vantage Rx is now selling top-quality Rapid Test kits. You simply sign up as a Consultant at no charge. You will earn $1.65 per kit and the practices order directly from the company, Vantage Rx, and you'll get paid your commissions. Below are all the videos and documents to help you market these to practices. Providers can bill Medicare and other insurance for the testing so it's an income-producer for them as well as providing an essential service.

Here is a GREAT video explaining everything: CLICK HERE

Here is a brief video discussing WHY these are the kits to sell CLICK HERE

​​Here is a video of Dr. Rik doing a Rapid Test on himself: CLICK HERE


Here is a webinar by CEO Rick Orchard 5-21-20 CLICK HERE


VantageRx offers 2 other products, the  ImageMover app, and the First Defense Nasal Screens. More information on them are at the bottom of this page.


Here is a brief video showing how the Rapid Test is performed: CLICK HERE

Here is a brief overview document: CLICK HERE

Here is a FAQ sheet: CLICK HERE


Here is a document with the testing CPT billing codes (Note: We do not tell providers how to bill or what to charge. This document is for informational purposes only) CLICK HERE

​​Here is a flyer about the test kit contents and proceedures: CLICK HERE

Here is a flyer with the contents and pricing: CLICK HERE

(Note: Premier kits are a little more expensive but may be more commonly available. (Commissions to you are the same regardless).

Here is a flyer about the Healgen kit: CLICK HERE

Here is a flyer about the Egens kit: CLICK HERE

Here are the steps you need to start making money:

1. Enroll in Vantage Rx (details at the bottom of this page)

2. Enroll providers using the Provider Enrollment form

3. Providers place orders using the appropriate order form for their state

4. You receive $1.65 commission on each kit purchased

​​Provider Enrollment Form: CLICK HERE

On this form, you'll need to put your name and Vantage RX ID# on the designated line so you'll receive commissions on any orders they place in the future.


Once a provider has enrolled (above), they can place an order.


Rapid Test Order Forms for Providers:

Processing fee-exempt states (CO, CT, FL, KS, ME, MA, NY, OK, TX)

(Cost a little more but they do not pay for the credit card processing fee)



Premier Biotech: CLICK HERE

All other States (processing fee charged on credit cards, ACH and wire transfer)



Premier Biotech: CLICK HERE


A study was done at Stanford University: CLICK HERE

A study was done at Christus Health: CLICK HERE

A study was done at Erasmus MC: CLICK HERE

Here is a study and the clinical information on the Egens kit: CLICK HERE

FDA Acknowledgments:




Here is an article from the FDA providing insight into these tests: CLICK HERE

Here is an overview of Rapid Tests, Sensitivity/Specificity and EUA: CLICK HERE


Here is a STATUS UPDATE as of May 1, 2020 CLICK HERE

Here is an article from May 1, 2020, suggesting that you may need to take a Rapid Test in order to fly on an airplane: CLICK HERE


Go to www.VantageRx.com

Click on the "Consultant Registration" icon

Complete the Online Enrollment Form

NOTE: There are 2 questions at the bottom:

Are you a consultant for an organization already contracted with VRX?*

Yes No     CLICK YES

Are you an owner/partner or administrative staff person for an organization already contracted with VRX? *

Yes No     CLICK NO

At the bottom of the form, select the "DCM-District" drop-down box and select "11643". This will connect you to our group.

Once again here are the steps to success:

1. Once you enroll you'll receive your Vantage ID number in your Welcome Letter. Of course save that email. Then you'll be able to enroll practices/providers.


2. Once a provider says they want to order kits, they will fill out the Enrollment Form FIRST. The form for them to enroll is posted above. Your Vantage ID number will be put on the provider's enrollment form so you'll be in line for commissions on every order they place. Provider emails in the form.

3. The provider will receive an ID number that they will put on their order forms going forward. So, once they receive their ID number they can buy kits.

4. The provider will fill out an Order Form (above) and email it to Vantage Rx.    If they are in a "fee-exempt" state they will use the "fee-exempt state order form", otherwise use the other order form for the kits they desire.

5. They will receive their kits soon and you'll receive a commission or $1.65/kit

Now it the time to start enrolling and selling these kits to the practices. Soon it's possible there will be at-home clearance so non-physicians will have direct access to purchase and test their family and friends.


The ImageMover documentation system is an IMPORTANT component of the testing procedure for any practice that wants to do things in the most compliant and beneficial manner.

Here is the ImageMover app a provider can use to upload the results of the test (very cool...watch the first video) CLICK HERE

Information Sheet: CLICK HERE

Video Links: CLICK HERE

How it Works: CLICK HERE


ImageMover Order Form: CLICK HERE

ImageMover Order Form (no process-fee states): CLICK HERE

First Defense Nasal Screens


We can also distribute a terrific product, originally featured on Shark Tank. These small, comfortable devices attach to the opening of the nasal passages and comfortably inhibit all sorts of airborne pathogens, allergens, and of course viruses like COVID-19.


Marketing Presentation CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer Allergy Overview CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer Cost CLICK HERE

Video Links CLICK HERE

Consultant Overview CLICK HERE


Order Form No-process fee States CLICK HERE

Order Form All other States CLICK HERE