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​​Rapid Antibody Test Kits

These Antibody Fingerstick Tests Show Results in only about 5 Minutes are Now AVAILABLE.

Rapid Tests are going to be SUPER IMPORTANT and IN DEMAND to get the world back to normal. You can market these to doctors' offices and other health centers, employers, and other entities RIGHT NOW.


The timing is PERFECT

Vantage Rx has kits available right now!

Here is an interview between Dr. Rik and Rick Orchard, CEO of Vantage Rx from July 26. The interview covers ALL the current Vantage products and what you should do to take advantage of the timing: CLICK HERE

There is no cost to become a rep to market these test kits and their other products. Here's what's offered: CLICK HERE

I'm making this available for everyone as the demand is going to be so high and testing is so important!


Our kits have an ADVANTAGE for several reasons:

They are very high quality with lots of research.

They are very reasonably priced.

AND...the US HHS Department JUST mandated that within 24 hours the results must be shared with the appropriate health department based on that person's residence. It's called the CARES Act Section 18115.

Here it is: CLICK HERE

This is why we carry the ImageMover App! See near the bottom of this page for more information.

VantageRx is now selling top-quality Rapid Test kits. You simply sign up as a Consultant at no charge. You bring on practices and you will earn $1.65 per kit. The practices order directly from the company, Vantage Rx, and you'll be paid your commissions on the 10th of the month. Below are videos and documents to help you market kits to practices. Providers may be able to bill Medicare and other insurance for the testing so it can be an income-producer for them as well as providing an essential service.

Here is a GREAT video explaining everything: CLICK HERE

Here is a detailed overview all about COVID-19: CLICK HERE

Here is a brief video discussing WHY these are the kits to sell CLICK HERE

​​Here is a video of Dr. Rik doing a Rapid Test on himself: CLICK HERE

Here is a page with several video links: CLICK HERE

VantageRx offers other products, including the ImageMover app, and the First Defense Nasal Screens and a very special adhesive N95 NIOSH facemask. More information on them are at the bottom of this page.

Rapid Test Kit Information

A brief video showing how the Rapid Test is performed: CLICK HERE

Here is a brief overview document: CLICK HERE

Here is a chart showing how the COVID infection ramps up (and how the Rapid Test can pick up on the infection early: CLICK HERE

PCR Test vs. Antibody Test

NEW: There is some controversy over which test should be performed:

The PCR test, using a swab up the nose and generally sent to a lab; results in a few days (expensive)


Antibody Rapid Tests; done on-site and results under 10 minutes. No lab involved (inexpensive).

Here is a video where I discuss the PCR/Antibody test "controversy" CLICK HERE

Labs (big money companies) of course want the tests done through them and have tried to make the case the PCR test is somehow the "gold standard" but is that true? Nope. There are major limitations with them including the time to get results back...the patient could become infected in the interim. There are "rapid" PCR tests using an expensive machine but there are still accuracy errors. There was a recent study in Japan comparing the 2 methods. It is written in Japanese and here is a letter translating and explaining what it says:(hint: Anti-body tests are more accurate): CLICK HERE 

Here is the case study in Japanese: CLICK HERE

This study shows PCR tests are not all that accurate. The very BEST day for accuracy of a PCR test is on day 8 after infection. On that date, it is 80% sensitive. By day 21, it is only 34% sensitive, so on average, it is probably about 65-75% accurate in general.


Here are FAQ and comparison sheets: CLICK HERE and HERE

Here is a document with the testing CPT billing codes (Note: We do not tell providers how to bill or what to charge. This document is for informational purposes only) CLICK HERE

​​Here is a flyer about the test kit procedures: CLICK HERE

​​Here are the test kit contents: CLICK HERE

Here is information about Sensitivity/Specificity: CLICK HERE

Here is a manufacturer comparison: CLICK HERE

(Note: Commissions to you are the same regardless of the kit purchased)



If they have the Moderate CLIA # they can order whatever kit they want. If they want the kits that officially have a EUA, they can choose Healgen, Premier or Biohit. If they don't have a Moderate CLIA # then order Orient Gene, Oncosem, or Syntron.

ALL of these kits are excellent!!

Now, here's something interesting:

Orient Gene=Healgen

Healgen, who received their EUA, places their cassette (which is in a mylar sealed bag) in different packaged boxes worldwide.  The "name on the box” that received the EUA from the FDA was Healgen. We have Healgen’s other “box” and printed on the outside of the box it's called “Orient Gene – by Healgen”.  It is the SAME test kit INSIDE the box as the EUA-cleared kit, but just in a different box, and is for those facilities that do not have a Moderate CLIA #).


Healgen, Premier, and Biohit have the "EUA" and are made in China. Oncosem is from Turkey and Syntron is made in the USA.

If the purchaser does NOT want anything from China (even though those kits are fantastic) then order Syntron or Oncosem.

Pricing (No Process Fee States Appears Slightly Higher But It's Ultimately The Same Net Price):

Biohit $17.50

Healgen $17.95

Orient Gene $17.95

Oncosem $16.50

Premier $17.95

Syntron $16.50

Below are a LOT of resources about the different kits which you can send to your prospects:

Healgen/Orient Gene (Again OG is identical but not EUA certified):

Information about Healgen/OG kits: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Healgen's May 29 EUA Authorization CLICK HERE

Healgen/OG Study Christus Health CLICK HERE

Erasmus MC Healgen/OG Study: CLICK HERE

More Healgen/OG HERE  HERE


Information about the Premier kits: CLICK HERE 

Premier's June 4 EUA Authorization CLICK HERE

Premier Case Study Johns Hopkins May 26 CLICK HERE

Premier Stanford Study CLICK HERE

Premier FDA Case Study CLICK HERE

Premier Marketing Flyer CLICK HERE


Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers: CLICK HERE

Fact Sheet for Recipients: CLICK HERE

Instructions for use: CLICK HERE

Case Study from Yale: CLICK HERE


Syntron (Made in the USA):

Information about the Syntron kits: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE and HERE

and HERE

Here is an informative flyer about Syntron: CLICK HERE

May 19 Case Study Syntron for Walmart: CLICK HERE

Oncosem (Made in Turkey...excellent kit):

Marketing Flyer: CLICK HERE

Test Kit Contents: CLICK HERE

Packet Insert: CLICK HERE

Case Study: CLICK HERE

Here are the steps you need to start making money:

1. Enroll in VantageRx (details at the bottom of this page)

2. Enroll providers using the Provider Enrollment form

3. Providers place orders using the appropriate order form for their state

4. You receive a $1.65 commission/kit purchased, paid on the 10th of the month.

​​Provider Enrollment Form: CLICK HERE

On this form, you'll need to put your name and VantageRX ID# on the designated line so you'll receive commissions on any orders they place in the future.

Once a provider has enrolled (above), they can place an order.



Rapid Test Order Forms for Providers:

Processing fee-exempt states (CO, CT, FL, KS, ME, MA, NY, OK, TX)

(Cost a little more but they do not pay for the credit card processing fee)


Orient Gene: CLICK HERE

Premier Biotech: CLICK HERE





All other States (processing fee charged on credit cards, ACH and wire transfer)


Orient Gene: CLICK HERE

Premier Biotech: CLICK HERE




FDA Acknowledgments:




Here is an article from the FDA providing insight into these tests: CLICK HERE


There are a NUMBER of GREAT ways to get the word out and get your business going. Here are a few ideas. The kits must be purchased by providers/health care entities, medical product distributors, and possibly employers who want to test employees and even patrons on-the-spot through their health care provider.

NEW: Here are some ideas you can use to market the kits, ImageMover, Nasal Screens, and adhesive masks via email: CLICK HERE

Like any product, you need to get the word out in order to make sales! You can simply CALL your local Urgent Care centers, hospitals, general practice doctors, and even some larger employers and perhaps say the following:

Hi, I was wondering if you're looking for rapid test kits. (it's possible they are actually looking for these).

I suggest waiting for their response and if they are curious and want to talk let them know you represent a company that has the most accurate test kits on the market. Simply engage them and answer questions. So it's important for you to become familiar with the kits and procedures. Fortunately, it's not difficult.

Here is an email you may want to send CLICK HERE

You can market these kits in any number of ways. Social marketing, phone calls, emailing, it's up to you. And since these kits are very accurate and affordable this is the time to spread the word and created a wonderful income for yourself.


Go to www.VantageRx.com

Click on the "Consultant Registration" icon

Complete the Online Enrollment Form

NOTE: There are 2 questions at the bottom:

Are you a consultant for an organization already contracted with VRX?*

Yes No     CLICK YES

Are you an owner/partner or administrative staff person for an organization already contracted with VRX? *

Yes No     CLICK NO

Then at the bottom of the form, select the "DCM-District" drop-down box and select "11643". This will connect you to our group.

Once again here are the steps to success:

1. Once you enroll you'll receive your Vantage ID number in your Welcome Letter. Of course save that email. Then you'll be able to enroll practices/providers.

2. Once a provider says they want to order kits, they will fill out the Enrollment Form FIRST. The form for them to enroll is posted above. Your Vantage ID number will be put on the provider's enrollment form so you'll be in line for commissions on every order they place. Provider emails in the form.

3. The provider will receive an ID number that they will put on their order forms going forward. So, once they receive their ID number they can buy kits.

4. The provider will place an order online or will fill out an Order Form and email it to Vantage Rx. If they are in a "fee-exempt" state they will use the "fee-exempt state order form", otherwise use the other order form for the kits they desire.

5. They will receive their kits soon and you'll receive a commission or $1.65/kit

Now it the time to start enrolling and selling these kits to the practices. Soon it's possible there will be at-home clearance so non-physicians will have direct access to purchase and test their family and friends.



One question to ANYONE looking to purchase the kits is...do they have a plan in place to share the results as per the CARES Act?  That's what the ImageMover app does for them. They need to buy kits from Vantage Rx in order to get this app at a discount and also in order to have the setup fee waived. What an additional unique marketing benefit for our reps! You also make about $0.50 commission on the $2.95 cost per test as well!

This is an IMPORTANT component of testing. Here is a link to a recording from 7/29 discussing the whole thing: CLICK HERE

You will want to let your clients know about this!

Hence, the ImageMover documentation system is an IMPORTANT component of the testing procedure for any practice that wants to do things in the most compliant and beneficial manner.

Here is the ImageMover app a provider can use to upload the results of the test (very cool...watch the first video) CLICK HERE

Information Sheet: CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer CLICK HERE


How it Works: CLICK HERE

Article about Universities/Tests/ImageMover CLICK HERE


ImageMover Order Form: CLICK HERE

ImageMover Order Form (no process-fee states): CLICK HERE


First Defense Nasal Screens


We can also distribute a terrific product, originally featured on Shark Tank. These small, comfortable devices attach to the opening of the nasal passages and comfortably inhibit all sorts of airborne pathogens, allergens, and of course viruses like COVID-19. There is a HIGH DEMAND for these! Employers, Schools, and of course the GENERAL PUBLIC!

I did a brief video where I put on the Nasal Screens (very comfortable):


COMMENT: Some people are saying things like...since this only filters the air coming through your nose. what about your mouth? This doesn't work/make sense. Got it. Now compare this to wearing a mask. What kind of filtration and seal does a mask provide? When I have my glasses on they fog up, meaning there is not a good seal thus the mask certainly doesn't provide "excellent" protection. Wearing a bandanna doesn't filter something that is as tiny as COVID-19. Wearing a cotton face covering and most masks are pretty much a joke if everyone is honest. If someone really wants protection...if that's the real concern...then I'd suggest using these screens and breathe through your nose. Want some additional protection and look like you're being "socially-responsible"? Wear a mask and use the nasal screens. That's about as good as it gets.

You can simply refer people to the corporate website, they put in YOUR code for a 10% discount and YOU make money!


Here is a video explaining the amazing opportunity available: CLICK HERE

You can promote the First Defense Nasal Screens to your friends and family (and the public) directly at www.FilterYourLife.com. Your VantageRx ID# is the DISCOUNT CODE. The retail price is $11.98 for a pack of seven screens. With your discount code, the public will receive a 10% discount or pay only $10.78.  They place the order, pay for the order, receive the order. You will make an additional $1.00 above your normal commissions on those “retail sales”.

We still sell to healthcare providers for $9.00 via the VantageRx online ordering system. You can still post your own website to the public and buy the screens for $9.00 and sell them for a minimum of $11.50, but now you also can EASILY sell to friends and family via your VRx ID# discount code. Your ID# is now active. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Marketing Presentation CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer Allergy Overview CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer Cost CLICK HERE

Video Links CLICK HERE

Consultant Overview CLICK HERE


Order Form No-process fee States CLICK HERE

Order Form All other States CLICK HERE


Important information for Dentists: CLICK HERE

Dentists have a particular need for the Special N95 Mask (see below) as they are so close to the patient's breathing. Rapid tests are important for them as well. See the document above and call all the dentists you can!


Special N95 Mask

Send an email to rikwahlrab@gmail.com for information


AARK PCR Testing

This is a lab that can turn around a PCR test in 24 hours. You make a commission. Here is the information: CLICK HERE

Here is the story/history of AARK lab: CLICK HERE

Here is a Q & A: CLICK HERE

Here are the CPT Codes: CLICK HERE

Here is their EUA: CLICK HERE

Here is the order form: CLICK HERE

NEW! Rapid Antigen Test (Using Swabs)

Picture of Test/swabs: CLICK HERE

Marketing Flyer: CLICK HERE

CE Certificate: CLICK HERE

Order Form No Process Fee States (CO, CT, FL, KS, ME, MA, NY, OK, TX):


Order Form All Other States: CLICK HERE

New Account Setup Form: CLICK HERE