Special Offers

The Special Offers on this page are direct suppliers of Dr. Rik's.

If you've got a potential buyer contact, Dr. Rik, via text at 949-874-0766 or email thedocentgroup@gmail.com

Here are some special offers:

Supplier RO

NEW: Reusable Face Shields

200,000 Reusable Face Shields –  delivery 7 days or less, can pick up 

Price per unit $2.30 can either pick up or be delivered, they are in New Orleans in a warehouse.



Supplier ZT

NEW: N95 3M Masks

3M has a very specific process:

Standard Procedure:

Have your potential buyer create a Letter of Intent (same as a purchase order) indicating the not to exceed price (their maximum price they would pay). We will try to get below that.

It is safe for us to shoot for $2.35 or less.

Make purchase order out to 3M HQ/3M Distributor (because this is directly through an authorized 3M distributor)


You will need to sign a specific non-disclosure agreement.

Letter of Authorization from the purchaser (either the government entity or a medical entity) indicating the Buyer Rep (you, the one who signed our Non-Disclosure already), as the authorized entity to procure their masks. If it’s a private investor then we still need a letter but also needs to indicate that they intend to sell or resell to a government agency or a hospital.


Proof of funds that is no older than 48 hours.

This creates the possibility of a sale!


In return the Buyer will get a list of all the lots with prices that meet their criteria with the SGS information with the lot numbers.



KN95 Masks landed in the USA. CDC approved. $2.85 FOB including 10 cents to you.

2000 minimum order

Supplier MF

3-Ply Surgical Masks 3-ply masks are available for only $0.40 each, including $0.05 per mask to you. MINIMUM ORDER ONLY 2000!  If you have someone looking for 3-ply, get in touch with Dr. Rik


Variable...I have gown come and go. Text or email me what you need.