Wholesale Rapid Test Kits

for Large Quantity Orders

DISCOUNTED Rapid Antibody Fingerstick Tests

Bulk Orders


As you probably know, Rapid Tests are becoming SUPER IMPORTANT and IN DEMAND to get the world back to normal. You can market these to doctors' offices and other health centers, employers, and other entities RIGHT NOW. For smaller orders, use the VantageRx program as they can ship as little as a box of 20 tests at a time.

For large orders...we have access to DISCOUNTED pricing on the great kits that buyers are looking for.

We have access to bulk wholesale supplies of Rapid Test kits...generally a minimum order of 100,000 units at a time. We can get the Premier, Healgen, Biohit, BTNX, and Syntron (and others) tests in large quantities for USA buyers. All the information about these kits are on my VantageRx page. CONTACT DR. RIK about these! rikwahlrab@gmail.com

For non-USA buyers:

For those who are looking for the LEAST expensive, high-quality test kits, we have connections those as well.


These tests are CE approved. If you have anyone looking for volume outside of the USA these would be the ones to contact me about.


Contact Dr. Rik if you have a legitimate buyer for 100k units or more.