Covid-19 Testing/Supplies/

Telemed Opportunity!

We have an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to help out in this Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis

There is a TREMENDOUS need for not only tests, but SUPPLIES like N95 and Surgical Masks, Gowns, Hand Sanitizer, Face Shields, and a LOT of other necessary supplies. They are in VERY short supply on the ground in the USA.

Through our relationships, as a representative of The Docent Group LLC, YOU can become a middleman and facilitate putting a buyer together with our sellers, and make money on the transaction!

Get yourself SIGNED UP as a Docent rep, return the additional NCND agreement (link below), and you'll receive a PASSWORD to our protected site so you can find out EXACTLY what to do. The demand is out there...GET TO WORK and make some real money and help out!


They are scheduled to get their final approval from the government and be ready to go right about April 1. They will begin sending the nasal-pharyngeal kits and paperwork several days before that so once the kits arrive the machine will be ready to go.



The Docent Group CANNOT guarantee any specific clinic's or patient's test will be run by this lab

The lab has a number of clients of which we're are one. We have a good relationship with the people in charge there and I (Dr. Rik) speak with them frequently. They CANNOT assure me of which tests will be run's simply not possible as they expect an AVALANCHE of new tests coming to them once they're up and running in a few days. They are determining how they're going to process everything as we speak.

I know a lot of you have practices, hospitals, etc. that can need lots and lots of tests. As I said above I cannot know nor guarantee anyone that their tests will be performed. I will continue to update this page but again, it's a swirling, fluid situation and I want you to know what I know.


Your job is to on-board the practices now (the clinics can fill out the paperwork and send to you NOW. We will be ONE of the practice's possible labs for this test; given the way things are each practice may need several possible places to send their tests.

The tests are performed under the auspices of a medical professional who is licensed to prescribe this kind of test, like MD, DO, PA, RN, etc.

By cultivating a relationship this can also provide the entree to open the door to provide our Billing Recovery Service in the future (which is big money for you as a rep).

The process for any of our reps to be a part of this exciting opportunity is:

1. Go to the home page of this website, pay the onboarding fee, and sign and return the Agreement and W9 (if you are a new rep).

2. Sign and return the NCND Agreement. Please sign and return it to The agreement is HERE

3.  Once you have returned your signed agreement you will be emailed a password to our private site which has the documents and information you'll need to get the medical office on-board.

The Current Update

The LAB (Livingston Med Labs), has a LIMITED supply of the test kits; due to the explosion of the need for testing the kits are in short supply all over the country. Initially, the lab was going to send test kits to the practices at no charge, but they realized the practices may simply use these kits and send them to another lab for processing. So, in essence, the lab may have ended up paying for hard-to-get test kits that ended up at their competitor's lab. That wouldn't work.

Livingston has been informed their reimbursement for the Covid-19 test is only $51. We have been told they're willing to do this as kind of a "break-even" deal as they perform a lot of other tests and this is one way to develop new practice clients.

So, the following is the procedure:

You can onboard a new practice and that practice will be connected to you through The Docent Group; you will be eligible for commissions generated by that practice's use of Livingston Med Lab, not only for the Covid-19 test but all the tests that are reimbursed to TDG by that lab. Here is a FAQ: CLICK HERE

FOR COVID-19 TESTING: The practice will pay for the test kits. This is apparently how it's being done by other labs as well; again these kits are in short supply and cost the lab money to purchase and send them to the practice. The practice will pay $1199 for 100 test kits. The link for them to purchase the kits is HERE

This is what the test kit looks like:

You can see it is far more than just a "Q-tip". It has the nasopharyngeal swab, the tube with the liquid preservative, and it comes with an expedited pre-paid return envelope. The lab will send their 100 kits right away once the practice places the order.

The lab has the capacity and desire to run thousands of tests per week; the limiting factor (at this particular time) is procuring as many test kits needed to meet demand. Obviously no one expected 200,000,000+ people would have the need to be tested during this pandemic.

So, once the lab processes the test for your client, the test results will be given to the practice and then the practice will advise the patient of the results (that is the standard operating procedure for most tests).

So, with this procedure, the commissions generated are now different than initially proposed but still worthwhile.

You will receive $150 for each order of the 100 test kits placed through the website.

They also are providing a tiny payout per test, which is $3 to you.

So, if you have a practice that buys a test kit package and has those 100 patients perform the test, you'd make $150 + $300 = $450. Some of you may have several practices doing this every week. Not bad, eh?

The margins are obviously slim here but you WILL be paid some commission on your personally-referred reps as follows:

$10 per clinic's purchase of the 100 test kits

$0.30 per test performed.

So if a personally-referred rep of yours has a practice purchase the test kits and all 100 tests are run, you'll make $10 + $30 = $40. At least it's something, right?

The DEMAND for testing is going to be off the charts. There are going to be new testing methods coming to meet this demand during the crisis. As more test kits become available to the lab they will be able to service more practice clients. Our limiting factor is the capacity of the lab to run all the tests that we expect to be demanded.

Folks, SOMEDAY this Covid-19 issue will be in the rear-view mirror and simply a memory to all of us living through this. It WON'T last forever, thank goodness. But, your relationship with the Lab and the practice you bring aboard now CAN go on for years, generating commissions to you for all kinds of different tests. You're a Lab Rep and you'll be paid as a Lab Rep; it's something you can do today and it can pay you some NOW and some in the future.

There is also an ADDITIONAL income opportunity related to this as the Telemed portion for medical practices is in great demand now, too. That will be covered on the password-protected page on our website. Get yourself signed up and paid and get the NCND back to me ASAP!