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Telemed Opportunity

We have an OPPORTUNITY to help out in this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis


Get yourself SIGNED UP as a Docent rep, return the additional NCND agreement CLICK HERE The demand is out there...GET TO WORK and make some real money.

I know a lot of you have practices, hospitals, etc. that may need lots of supplies. We have supplies that you can access once you're a Docent member!


You can help out during this crisis by connecting our wholesale sources of the essential products and make a commission on each purchase. Best of both worlds!

The way we can do this best is simply to connect with Dr. Rik at if YOU have a real potential purchaser of Nitrile Gloves or N95 facemasks.

These deals come and go rapidly. We need REAL buyers as we have connections to real sellers but sometimes the products get sold before we can connect everyone up. Bring a real buyer and we'll see what we can put together!

Additionally, there is a company we're working with that has a phenomenal, revolutionary Air and Surface PURIFICATION machine that you can market as well. We're all very excited about this. You can become a rep and market these! Contact Dr. Rik for more information.

Here is a short video: CLICK HERE

This is an 11-minute video: CLICK HERE

This is probably the most IN-DEMAND product on the planet right now! People are having GREAT success in marketing if you're interested contact Dr. Rik right away!

And, by cultivating a relationship with a practitioner by helping supply their Covid needs through our sources, this can also open the door to provide our Billing Recovery Service in the future (which is big money for you as a rep).

The process for our reps to be a part of this exciting opportunity is:

1. Go to the home page of this website, pay the onboarding fee, and sign and return the Agreement and W9 (if you are a new rep).

2. Sign and return the NCND Agreement (also on that home page). Please sign and return it to The agreement is HERE

3.  Once you have returned your signed agreements you will be emailed a password to our private site which has the documents and information you'll need to get the medical office on-board.


Rapid Test Kits

There is a MASSIVE opportunity in marketing Rapid Test Kits and Vantage Rx is the best way for you to promote/sell these kits and make a nice commission as well.

There is NO COST to become a rep to sell these kits.

We have an entire page with all the information:



Our reps have access to the nasopharyngeal testing supplies, for which we have a new direct supplier who has been approved to make these test kits. These are in SHORT supply and in HIGH DEMAND and there is a nice commission for you.

We have a Telemed platform for doctors who want to use that now (the future of medicine BTW). That will generate a nice, recurring commission for each doctor who buys it through your introduction.


As a Docent Rep, you will have access to many products in short-supply related to the COVID-19 crisis, including masks, gowns, face shields, more test kits, gloves, etc. It changes all the time as supplies vary so once you have access to the protected pages you'll have the current list.

YOU'LL receive a commission on the sales of all of these! Become a member and get going right away!